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We are obsessive, compulsive gardeners, propagating and growing hardy and unusual plants for our own garden and occasionally for sale at a small number of plant fairs each year. Our interest remains with hardy and unusual perennial plants; the vast majority of the plants that we will offer in the future will be hardy and half-hardy salvias propagated from our collection of over 180 varieties.

The plants we will offer are grown in our own garden; all are propagated by us. We use the minimum of winter protection, and no heat, with the exception of some of our half-hardy salvias. We take pride in producing plants of the highest quality that will establish well in your garden and which are also excellent value for money.

We are in the process of moving home in the first part of 2021, so will not be propagating new plants until this process is completed. Please check back regularly for updates on plant availability.

Our Salvias

Our obsession with salvias has grown out of a retirement hobby, and we propagate our plants primarily as an insurance policy to maintain and refresh our own collection. In the spring, we normally have a selection of surplus overwintered plants for sale. We don’t propagate in commercial quantities, so we only have a very few (often only one or two) plants of each variety for sale. However, we have a LOT of varieties, so there are quite a few plants available overall! The plants are all large, well established specimens. Later in the season (typically from July onwards) we may also have some addition spare plants from the current season’s propagation. All are large, well-established plants. Please check our availability list for details of our current stock.

Plant Fairs

We will continue to sell our salvias at a selection of the Rare Plant Fairs that we also organise. Please see below for more details.

Rare Plant Fairs

Ian and Teresa will continue to organize the Rare Plant Fair specialist plant fairs in 2021. The fairs are held in beautiful and prestigious gardens, making a day out at one of our fairs a really enjoyable experience for everyone, whether a novice or experienced gardener. Relax and enjoy refreshments, often homemade, at all of the venues.

At every one of the fairs there is the opportunity to buy interesting and unusual plants from our nurseries, all of whom are genuine growers dedicated to offering you well-grown plants and advice on the plants they sell. The admission fee for each of our Fairs is a combined package and includes access to the Fair and Gardens, and the price is generally the same as the normal admission fee for the garden only.

For more information about Rare Plant Fairs please visit the dedicated website at http://www.rareplantfair.co.uk

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